Cameron Manual

Chapter 15: Other Picture Controlling Commands

There are a few other commands in CAMERON which deal with control of the type of picture being used.


This command is related to the VIEW commands PLANE, ALONG, VERTICAL etc. In these commands the view direction does not define all of the degrees of freedom of the molecule. It is possible to rotate the molecule further so that as much of is as possible is shown on the screen.


These two commands switch maximisation calculations ON and OFF. These calculations are slow - especially for large molecules so they are included as an option.




These two commands allow the user to control the calculation of picture scale. SCALE FIX sets the scale to its current value and does not recalculate it, irrespective of changes in the number and position of atoms in the picture. SCALE UNFIX reverts to scale calculations.


SCALE SET is followed by a number, the value of the scale to be used for all subsequent pictures. This can be altered with another SCALE SET command or by issuing SCALE UNFIX.

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