Cameron Manual

Chapter 8: Graphical Output Devices

The user has to specify a graphical output device before the command VIEW can be used. This is done with the command SCREEN. Note that if the title screen file CAMERON.SRT is present the screen is automatically set to VGA.

The following devices are currently supported:-
VGA This sends the output to a VGA monitor eg to a PC graphics screen.
EGA This sends the output to an EGA monitor.
SIGMA This sends the output to a SIGMA terminal.
TEK This is used for VAX terminals with Tektronics 4010 emulation.

If hardcopy output is required the user must specify a separate device which is then drawn to using COPY. Those available are :-

POSTSCRIPT The graphical output is sent to a file in POSTSCRIPT format so that it can be printed on a postscript printer.
ENCAPPOST The graphical output will be sent to a file in the same way as with POSTSCRIPT, the only difference is that the resulting file will be in Encapsulated form so that it can be incorporated into other packages eg Word Perfect (using the Graphics range of commands).
CPOST This generates a file in Colour Postscript (Level 1) format.
CENCAP This generates an colour encapsulated postscript file.

Related commands : VIEW, COPY

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