Cameron Manual

Chapter 6: Obeying Files


If required the user is able to hand over control of CAMERON to an external file. This is particulary useful if a set of operations is to be carried out on a number of pictures because the file need only be generated once and then it can be used over and over again. At the present time CAMERON is able to read files is its own format - ie in with the same syntax as the commands input at the keyboard - or it can read a SNOOPI.INI file as output by CRYSTALS. The syntax is :-

OBEY nnn.nn

Note that any commands entered after OBEY (on the same line) are ignored. This is to allow for possible errors in the OBEY file - errors will cause the OBEYed file to be closed. OBEY files may themselves contain the names of other files to be OBEYed.

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