Cameron Manual

Chapter 22: Miscellaneous Commands

This command allows the user to begin again without having to exit and reload CAMERON. All current flags will be set to their initial states. Note that if a CAMERON.INI file is present it will not be obeyed after a RESET command. The screen will be set to VGA automatically (as on startup) if a CAMERON.SRT file is present.
The LOG command is used to generate a log of the CAMERON session, this may be OBEYed later if required. LOG must be followed by a filename. If a file is already in use for a log file then the log information will be transferred to the new file.
OFF This sets the edit option which is used when an error is found in an input line. If edit is on (the default) then the user is prompted as described in Chapter 1. If not the computer will bleep and put up the message "Error: Automatic Abandon", ignore any unexecuted commands and wait for a new input line.
OFF The user is able to control the program via push button menus at the side of the screen (PC only). These can be turned on or off as required. When the menus are active the user can input commands as normal by typing - they will appear in a box at the bottom of the screen.
This allows the user to execute a single system command. This command should be enclosed in quotes if it is longer than one word or if it corresponds to a CAMERON command.
This allows the user to print a hardcopy file. The file will be closed if it is currently attached to CAMERON via a COPY command. NOTE that the print job will be very slow - it may be quicker to close down CAMERON first.

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