Oct 102012
Mr. Conor P. Rowley (2012-2013)

Conor is spending most of his Part II year in Australia with the Cameron Kepert’s Research Group at the University of Sydney. He is working on the in situ analysis of CO2 adsorption in metal-organic frameworks. This involves a specially designed setup allowing the use of single crystal X-ray diffraction to ascertain structural information … Read the rest

Oct 102012
Mr. George W. Pidgeon (2012-2013)

George is working on a collaborative project with Prof. Véronique Gouverneur’s Research Group to study the effect of hydrogen bonding on the nucleophilicity and basicity of tetra alkyl ammononium fluoride complexes.  When he’s not praying for his products to crystallise, George spends his time running the Oxford University Darts Club and playing the trombone for … Read the rest

Oct 102012
Mr. William M. Brennan (2012-2013)

Will is working with Nick Rees, looking into the host/guest complexes of deoxycholic acid. Using variable temperature single crystal diffraction, along with Solid State NMR and Differential Scanning Calorimetry the project is particularly focused on phase changes within the crystal as a function of temperature. When not in the lab he enjoys long lunches, … Read the rest

Sep 282011
Mr. David S. Edgeley (2011-2012)

David is exploring the different ways of describing ring puckering and conformation.  By using data in the CSD and avoiding the lab as much as possible, he hopes to create an amalgamated approach to defining ring puckering and conformation that could be implemented in refinement software. If he isn’t hiding in the CRL basement he’s … Read the rest

Mar 162011
Miss Emma J. McKinley (2010-2011)

Emma’s research is focussed on developing a better understanding of the solid state.  She is using a three pronged attack, studying the crystallisation of chalcones; examining the effect of temperature on a material that undergoes a phase transition, and investigating the World’s Favourite Space Group, P21/c.  She is using a wide range of … Read the rest

Mar 162011
Mr. Jeremy P. Law (2010-2011)

Jeremy’s research revolves around using various techniques (NMR, crystallography and DFT calculations) to provide information about exactly where hydrogen atoms are located in crystal structures, and exploring the merits and shortcomings of the various techniques for this purpose. When he isn’t trying to persuade a supercomputer to calculate what he wants, he enjoys playing the … Read the rest