Mar 112017
Mr. James Walker (Part II 2016-17)

James is investigating partial proton transfer in a hydrogen bond in some multi-component molecular materials. He is using single crystal diffraction, solid state NMR and computational modeling.

James tempers his enthusiasm for solid state chemistry by playing mixed lacrosse for the University.… Read the rest

Mar 112017
Ms. Laura Fenwick (Part II 2016-17)

Laura is testing properties of new formulations of pharmaceutical materials. She is aiming to measure and understand the changes in dissolution rate of common pharmaceuticals when they are cocrystallised with different coformers.

In her spare time Laura swims, runs and cycles as part of the University Triathlon Team.… Read the rest

Mar 112017
Mr. George A. Sackman (Part II 2016-17)

George is developing machine learning methods for classification and visualisation of experimental data. The first part of his project involves identification of metabolite changes in plants under changing environmental conditions, including the effect of auxinic herbicides. He is also looking at formulation of these herbicides to find ways of increasing their efficiency and reducing environmental … Read the rest

Jun 232016
Ms. Jo Baker (Part II 2015-16)

Jo is investigating crystalline materials which undergo light-induced changes in the solid-state. We will make use of these materials as model systems for in situ tracking by diffraction of conformational changes and reactions which can be triggered by external stimuli.… Read the rest

Jun 232016
Ms. Katie McInally (Part II 2015-16)

Katie is investigating crystallisation properties of different classes of materials. The results will be compared with crystallisability predictions carried out as part of Jerome Wicker‘s Part II and DPhil research, and previous measurement of molecular crystallisation properties.

Katie undertook rapid prototyping of her crystallisation apparatus using Lego, LEDs, plenty of solder and a Raspberry … Read the rest

Jun 232016
Mr. Oliver Robshaw (Part II 2015-16)

Oliver joins the group undertaking a project searching for trends and correlations between crystal structure similarity and molecular similarity. He will also attempt to extend his analysis to co-crystal formation rules for which he will undertake and analyse a significant number of combinatorial experiments.

Outside work he spends much of his free time at the … Read the rest

Jun 232016
Mr. Alex Mercer (Part II 2015-16)

Alex is undertaking a research project attempting to automatically model severe disorder with crystal structures using a Monte-Carlo approach. Alex is firmly in the computational side of the research group avoiding any crystallisation or actual diffraction at all costs.

 … Read the rest

Sep 282011
Mr. Karim J. Sutton (D.Phil. 2011-2014)

For his Part II year, Karim worked in Chem. Cryst. studying ion binding in rotaxanes (in collaboration with Paul Beer’s research group).  He has now returned to do a D. Phil. spending part of his time at Diamond Light Source.  When he’s not at Diamond he can be found playing darts or cricket for Worcester … Read the rest