Oct 012014

Felix is studying, designing and synthesizing quasi-racemic crystal structures to find the key requirements for making stable co-crystalline materials. He is a keen football player, and eager to represent his research group in the annual Chem Cryst vs Goodwin Group grudge match.… Read the rest

Oct 092014

Charlotte is collaborating with researchers at the University of Sydney on the control of spin-crossover properties in molecular and framework materials. She will spend four months of her project in Sydney studying these materials. While not in the lab she enjoys surfing, barbecues and Australian lager.… Read the rest

Oct 082013
Mr. Rajiv Gogna (Part II 2013-2014)
Rajiv is predicting and modelling the effect of small perturbations of molecular geometry on crystal packing. Often found in the Worcester bar, as captain of darts and as Food and Bar rep. May also be found attempting to kick the ball for Worcester MCR football.… Read the rest
Oct 112013
Mr. Sung Park (Part II 2013-2014)

Sung is working on a project to include refinement of anharmonic atomic displacement parameters in CRYSTALS. When he is not in the office, he can be found at Oxford Entrepreneur’s club, on the squash court, the real-tennis court, or injuring himself playing rugby for St Edmund Hall.… Read the rest

Oct 052017
Mr. George A. Sackman (D.Phil. 2017-20)

George is developing machine learning methods for classification and visualisation of experimental data. The first part of his project involves identification of metabolite changes in plants under changing environmental conditions, including the effect of auxinic herbicides. He is also looking at formulation of these herbicides to find ways of increasing their efficiency and reducing environmental … Read the rest