Jul 042012

Picture of Emmanuel Marfo-Owusu
Following his degree in Tokyo studying supramolecular complexes of achiral surfactant molecules with racemic and chiral aromatic guest molecules, Emmanuel travelled extensively.  He has worked at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission as Senior Scientific officer; at the Department of Chemistry in University of Ghana as Senior Lecturer; at the Department of Chemistry in Mississippi State University, Starkville;  at the Department of Chemistry in University of Washington, Seattle; at the Chemistry Department in Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman; at the University of Nizwa, in Oman as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, as well as studying at the Department of Crystallography in University of Pittsburgh and the Structural Chemistry Laboratory in University of Witwatersrand, South-Africa.

Since 2010, Emmanuel has been working at the Chemistry Department at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana as an Associate Professor and he is working hard to establish the first crystallography laboratory in Ghana to serve Ghana Scientific Institutions and those in the West-Africa sub-region.  Emmanuel’s current research is centred on structural studies of self assembly structures that aggregate through O-H…N, N-H…O and O-H…O inter/intramolecular interactions, with special emphasis on those that possess functional molecular properties.

Mar 072012

Chiralabs are long-term collaborators and world-leading experts in a wide range of spectroscopic, physicochemical and theoretical approaches including in chirality, circular dichroism, optical spectroscopies, crystallization and biopharmaceutical analysis. Specialist areas of investigation include:

  • Molecular chirality & enantiomeric composition
  • Crystal growth, polymorphism & solubility
  • Biomacromolecular structure, folding and properties
  • Biopharmaceutical development & spectroscopic fingerprinting
  • Spectroscopic & physicochemical characterisation

Chiralabs is also the home of CrystalGEM, the internationally award winning rational crystallisation screening technology that has revolutionised the screening of pharmaceutical polymorphism, morphology and crystal growth.

Mar 162011

Emma’s research is focussed on developing a better understanding of the solid state.  She is using a three pronged attack, studying the crystallisation of chalcones; examining the effect of temperature on a material that undergoes a phase transition, and investigating the World’s Favourite Space Group, P21/c.  She is using a wide range of probes, including the Cambridge Structural Database, dSNAP, Laue Diffraction, Solid State NMR and Variable Temperature Single Crystal Diffraction as well as collecting data at Diamond.  When not fighting to grow crystals or preparing dinner for the team at Diamond, she enjoys dancing, but refuses to perform for the group.

Aug 141999

The 18th International Union of Crystallography Congress and General Assembly was held in Glasgow in August 1999. Those attending from the Chemical Crystallography Laboratory in Oxford were:
Professor Keith Prout, Dr David Watkin, Dr Theirry Maris, Richard Cooper, Clare Keats and Ibrahim Tahir.

Mar 131972

J. Appl. Cryst.  (1972), 5, 250.    [ doi:10.1107/S0021889872099996 ]

The principle of this apparatus is not new (Hope, 1971), but it is reported because of interest shown in its simplicity by visitors to this laboratory. Small samples of the solute are heated in a saturated solution in a poor solvent, and convection and diffusion used to convey the solute to a cooler region where it is deposited as single crystals.

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