Aug 312011

Chemical Crystallography: Reflections and Predictions
A symposium to mark the retirement of David J. Watkin
Friday 9th September 2011

[Update: Thanks to all the speakers and everyone who attended this event in honour of DJW.]


10.00   Refreshments in the Lecture Theatre Foyer, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

10.50   Dr. Richard Cooper (University of Oxford, UK)
Welcome and Introduction

11.10   Prof. Howard Flack (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Working with a Difference

11.40   Dr. Matthias Meyer (Agilent Technologies, Poland)
Oxford D(diffraction) – some notes…

12.10   Buffet Lunch (University Club, Mansfield Road)

13.40   Dr. Alison Edwards (ANSTO, Australia)
Chemical Crystallography with Neutrons: Laue diffraction in the 21st century!

14.10   Dr. George Tranter (Chiralabs, Oxford)
Giving Molecules a Hand

14.40   Prof. Simon Parsons (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Applications of Leverage Analysis in Chemical Crystallography

15.10   Refreshments in the Lecture Theatre Foyer, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

15.30   Dr. Luc Bourhis (Bruker, Paris)
A Toolbox for Programmer Crystallographers

16.00   Prof. Bruce Foxman (Brandeis University, USA)
Secrets from the Oxford Crypt: Old Problems from Keith Prout and John Rollett: Solved!

16.30   Dr. Richard Cooper
Closing Remarks

16.45   Drinks at the University Club

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Aug 312011

Madrid 2011 IUCrThe triennial Congress of the International Union of Crystallography was held in Madrid, Spain at the end of August 2011. Chem. Cryst. was well represented with several talks and posters including:

Richard I. Cooper
Optimising X-ray Experiment Strategy on-the-fly based on Feedback from Automated Structure Solution (Presentation)

Amber L. Thompson
Battle of the Titans:  Atlas vs. Eos and Other Stories (Invited presentation at the Agilent Technologies User Forum)

Jevgenij A. Raskatov, John M. Brown & Amber L. Thompson
Chiral Selection in the Formation of Borates from Racemic Binaphthols and related Diols (Poster)

Amber L. Thompson
Influencing Absolute Structure Determination (Poster)