Aug 282013

Jenkin on BraggsThis year the European Crystsallographic Meeting was hosted in the UK for the first time since 1977. The meeting at the University of Warwick co-incided with the Bragg Centenary and included a fantastic collection of historical artefacts associated with the Braggs including scientific instruments, models, letters, portraits and notebooks organized by Mike Glazer and Pam Thomas.

Contributions originating from Chem. Cryst.  included:

Richard I. Cooper
Space groups and symmetry (ECACOMSIG Computing School lecture and workshop)

Pascal Parois
Alternative criteria for optimal data collection strategy (Talk in the Photocrystallography session)

Kirsten Christensen
Molecular Modulated Structures: Rare Today, Ubiquitous Tomorrow? (Talk in Aperiodic Crystals: Structure, Dynamics and Magnetism session)

pascal talk

Pascal Parois on alternative criteria for data collection strategy optimisation

bill david

Bill David at the Bragg Symposium on the past and future of crystallography


The ECA computing school lecturers and participants

Andrew Cairns explaining NLC

Andrew Cairns explaining NLC

Aug 092013

iccossThe 21st International Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State was held from 5th-9th August 2013 at St Catherine’s College in Oxford. ICCOSS deals with various aspects of the crystalline state and reactivity of organic and hybrid materials from preparation to characterization. It includes the investigation of crystal structures and supramolecular architectures, crystal growth and design, inclusion compounds, topochemical reactions, nanostructures, heterogeneous interfaces.

Amber Thompson presented a talk entitled Modulated structures: a curiosity today, ubiquitous tomorrow? and Richard Cooper presented work carried out with Jerome Wicker: Will it Crystallize?