Apr 112014

bca2014logoThe 2014 British Crystallographic Meeting Spring Meeting took place at the University of Loughborough from 7th – 10th April. The meeting took place during the International Year of Crystallography and therefore had a theme of “Looking to the future, learning from the past”.

Contributions originating from Chem. Cryst.  included:

Amber L. Thompson
Just a Spoonful of Neutrons helps the Chemistry move on… (Session: Applications of neutron diffraction in chemical crystallography)

Jerome G. P. Wicker
Predicting Crystallisation Propensity of Small Molecules: Will it Crystallise (Session: Complementary Non-diffraction techniques II)

Rajiv Gogna & Richard I. Cooper
Virtual screening of co-crystals: using molecular shape to predict suitable coformers for quasiracemic structures (Poster)

James Arnold & Richard I. Cooper
Evaluating the Use of Advanced Anisotropic Displacement Parameters Restraints for Dealing with Poor Quality or Limited Resolution Data (Poster – given an honorable mention in the Chemical Group Poster Prizes)

Pascal Parois
An open-source diffractometer strategy calculation applied to excited state measurements. (Poster – winner of the Computational Poster Prize awarded by OlexSys)

Karim J. Sutton
Talk at the Young Crystallographers Satellite Meeting