Oct 292012

This report of Karim’s and Will’s Quizmastery last Wednesday was written by the Royal Blenheim Barman and posted on their website:

The quiz last Wednesday was written Karim & Will, with a little help from Will’s dad (they say tutor, but I’m going with dad). It was their first time setting the Blenheim quiz and they did very well, judging the level accurately, apart from the connection round. We were incredibly well attended with 12 teams taking part, all of which getting gradually annoyed at the compilers sway towards a certain boyband!

The Handout Rounds were ‘Google doodles’, celebrities drawn on toast with Marmite and a ‘Get the Picture’ of the members of the boyband (is boyband 1 or 2 words? – Who cares? – Ed) One Direction. The sound rounds were the top 5 YouTube videos and covers of songs, some of which I’d never heard of. Us oldies did struggle a little.

My favourite question was the ‘if you were’ question of 200m from the 3 Goats Heads, 70m from All Bar 1, 400m from the 4 Candles and 30m from Next 2 Nothing, in which Oxford business would you be? The answer being Pie Minister which would have been obvious if you notice that the numbers in the business stated were 3.142!

The quiz was won controversially by the quiz setters own team (hmmmmmmm?). The cheese won by a regular team who were not strong enough to hold back a very hungry French woman: she ate all their cheese, haha! The money, £180, was also won by Pembroke JCR.

The next quiz is being written by me. It is being held on Hallowe’en so expect it to be themed!

See you Wednesday, true believers!

Oct 102012

Mr. Conor RowleyConor is spending most of his Part II year in Australia with the Cameron Kepert’s Research Group at the University of Sydney. He is working on the in situ analysis of CO2 adsorption in metal-organic frameworks. This involves a specially designed setup allowing the use of single crystal X-ray diffraction to ascertain structural information on CO2 binding in these frameworks. When not in the lab, Conor can be found learning to surf on Bondi Beach.

Oct 102012

Mr. George W. Pidgeon

George is working on a collaborative project with Prof. Véronique Gouverneur’s Research Group to study the effect of hydrogen bonding on the nucleophilicity and basicity of tetra alkyl ammononium fluoride complexes.  When he’s not praying for his products to crystallise, George spends his time running the Oxford University Darts Club and playing the trombone for the Oxford University jazz orchestra.

Oct 102012

Mr. William M. BrennanWill is working with Nick Rees, looking into the host/guest complexes of deoxycholic acid. Using variable temperature single crystal diffraction, along with Solid State NMR and Differential Scanning Calorimetry the project is particularly focused on phase changes within the crystal as a function of temperature. When not in the lab he enjoys long lunches, and competing for the Oxford Modern Pentathlon team.